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Thursday 19 November 2009

Are schools now going to stop recording incidence of poor behaviour?

The outline guidance for inspectors regarding the assessment of pupil behaviour states that "Inspectors should take account of documentary evidence about pupils’ behaviour, including records of: racist and bullying incidents; the use of any ‘on-call’ system; the use of ‘remove’ or ‘seclusion’ rooms; and the types of incidents which occur at break, lunchtime and social times"
It also says "Where records or observations indicate that behaviour disrupts learning or threatens well-being more than very occasionally, it is likely that behaviour will be judged inadequate overall". Correct me if I'm wrong, but there seems to be much scope here for schools shooting themselves in the foot; inspectors will want to see records of poor behaviour. If the records show that the misbehaviour occurs "more than very occasionally" (whatever THAT means!) then you're graded 4 (inadequate). So, a school which rigorously pursues good behaviour and diligently records all incidences of misbehaviour is clearly lighting the petard fuse well before it's time to run. On the other hand, St Mayhem's High School down the road cunningly only records a fraction of the misbehaviour and thereby gets a glowing report. Here's a cautionary tale in a similar vein:
Remember when we had half an inch of snow last winter and the country ground to a halt? One school near me lost no time in closing down to give the head a few days extra holiday. Another school struggled valiantly on with teachers arriving by dog sled and skis to keep the school open - for the 15 kids who actually turned up. As the school was open, all the absences were counted against the school stats, putting them near he bottom of the LA league table for attendance. But Closedown High School however, being closed, did not have any absences counted. The head told me, as he scanned the skies for signs of snow, that in future he will close at the first available opportunity, which I thought was being rather optimistic, it being the middle of June.
So the message is clear; play the game by your own rules. Given that 27.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot anyway, why should any school return the correct numbers, and get thrashed for it, when they can simply ... cheat? Answers on a postcard ...


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  11. It's concerning to see how the guidelines for assessing pupil behavior could potentially lead schools to shoot themselves in the foot. The requirement to document incidents of poor behavior seems reasonable at first glance, but it creates a dilemma for schools striving for good behavior standards.

    For instance, a school diligently recording all instances of misbehavior could inadvertently be graded poorly if the incidents are deemed to occur "more than very occasionally." This ambiguous criterion leaves room for interpretation and could unfairly penalize schools for their transparency and commitment to discipline.

    The cautionary tale about school closures during inclement weather further underscores the need for schools to navigate these guidelines strategically. The disparity in attendance statistics between schools that close and those that remain open highlights the perverse incentives at play.

    In such a system, it's understandable why some schools might be tempted to manipulate their reporting to avoid negative repercussions. However, this undermines the integrity of the data and ultimately does a disservice to students and the education system as a whole.

    Schools should be encouraged to prioritize honesty and transparency in their reporting, rather than resorting to gaming the system. After all, the true measure of a school's success lies in the quality of education and the well-being of its students, not just in statistical rankings.

    As a provider of stationery and office supplies, we recognize the importance of supporting schools in their mission to provide a conducive learning environment. Let's strive for accountability and integrity in education, even amidst challenging assessment frameworks.

  12. It's disheartening to see how the guidelines for assessing pupil behavior can inadvertently incentivize schools to manipulate their records in order to avoid unfavorable judgments. The pressure to maintain a positive rating can lead to a skewed representation of the true behavioral landscape within a school.

    As a leading provider of cleaning services in Dubai, Klarity understands the importance of transparency and integrity in all aspects of operation. Just as we strive to uphold the highest standards of cleanliness and professionalism, schools should be encouraged to prioritize honesty and accuracy in documenting pupil behavior.

    The cautionary tale shared highlights the consequences of a system that rewards manipulation rather than genuine efforts to address behavioral challenges. It's essential for schools to resist the temptation to "play the game" and instead focus on fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement.

    At Klarity, we believe that transparency breeds trust and accountability, and we encourage schools to embrace these values in their pursuit of excellence. By working together to create environments where integrity is valued above all else, we can ensure that every child has the opportunity to thrive academically and socially. Let's strive for authenticity and integrity in all our endeavors, setting a positive example for future generations.

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